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Don't fall back, when the kids knock on the door. It's after all Fall/Autumn

Fall/Autumn/Herbst/Automne/秋/autunno/ etc. 
The season came and I honestly never thought that I'd be writing about it. But to generate some more views I'll tell you why this season right now, which is happaning in the northern hemisphere, has different names.

Deal with itThere is more then just your native language and so there are many words that describes the same thing. Some languages copies them, the others "invents" it by thereself. You could start learning a new language. Would be a great experience!

Why do Americans call it Fall but the Brits Autumn First, Fall was first. It is originated in English in the 16th centuryor earlier. It is a short for Fall of the year or fall of the leaf (very imaginative). It is widely used in the USA, but it is not American in origin neither is it exclusively spoken in America. It is surprising because in England, there where "Fall" was first used, Autumn much more commen. Autumn came from the French (automne) (what a sim…