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Not many have issues with their bodies

My body and me Luckily you don't know how I look. I often don't like my look because my body can't be compared to a models body. So it could be compared but it just would be stupid to do that. You lose time doing something which isn't important at all. Searching for a fitting model who could be compared with me. There was a time and I still do that where I compared myself. I often did look at bodyparts of others who were good looking and tried to see the similarities. Am I good looking aswell? Do I fit? I was trying to answer the question, whether my bodyparts have the same proportion, length or size. (By the way, I'm not talking about penises). I have to stop with that, because as I see it, it is not important to be like someone else. We all should except how we are. Thats the only and the best way.

Sometimes, I just don't care what others thing about my appearance or my personality. Sometimes I just don't want them to be around me. Sometimes I care to mu…

What is my blog about

Find your niche
I've searched so many pages/blogs and everyone wrote that I or we have to find our own niche in which we are godd in and have enough information to tell and and teach the readers. Hereinafter I call these people "pro", because they think they are so good in what they are doing. I don't think that they are pros. They don't know everything. Who knows everything? Noone.

First I thought that it is not important to have his own niche. Who cares if you once talk about avocados and once about Beyoncé? Many care. And thats why I realized that you have to specialize yourself in something particular. At the beginning of the thinking process I thought that I don't have a niche. I liked and do like to write about many things. Once french once english. Once about Justin Bieber onve about Dylan the bitch. I decided to set a topic. Something which is going to characterize my blog. My personality as a Blogger. I want to make this blog big to have you as a re…

J'ai écrit une conte

L’aventure du pêcheur et du capricorne
We had to write a fairy tale in french class. Here it is. Have mercy and leave a comment.
C’était une petite ville au bord d’un grand lac qui avait beaucoup de poisson mais seulement un pêcheur. D’un jour à partir d’autre il n’avait ni d’eau ni de poisson dans le lac qui avait séché. Tous les habitants ont cru qu’il y aie une malédiction parlé par un soucier. Mais le pêcheur a douté qu’il y aie des chausses magique à cause de lesquelles le lac a séché. Donc il a demandé conseil au vieil ermite qui vivait à la forêt des montagnes. L’ermite lui a dit qu’une chute de pierre a taris la source du fleuve.

Alors le pêcheur a décidé de chercher la source. Il est parti à une expédition dans la montagne. Il n’était pas préparé pour les exigences de montagnes. C’était la raison pour laquelle il s’est égaré. Il était désespéré. Tout à coup il a entendu un bruit. Un capricorne a surgit du buisson. Le capricorne était un allié et il a montré le chemin au pêcheur…

How to make guacamole

Your hungry, aren't you?
Let me explain what will come to you. I will show and explain you the recipe of guacamole, but sometimes I'm going to teach you something about avocado.
What you need:
2    ripe avocados1    lime      salt / pepper2-3 garlic clove1    onion2    tomatos2    tablespoons of yogurt

So the avocado is old. very old. About 10000 years BC. It is suspected that it has its origin in Mexico. The scientific classification is persea americana.
Back to the cooking: chop the onion and the garlic in peaces. Small big. I don't care. You do what you like. Then put that in a bowl. Then you open the ripe avocado. Here is a link how you do that. Mix that up with the onion.
 Martin Fernandez de Enciso was the first who wrote about the fruit, but he didn't use the word avocado. Hans Sloane was the one who gave us a new word. AVOCADO. 
You cut the tomatos in small peaces and mixed it in. Over the mixture you press the lime and strew some salt and pepper over it. To make yo…

Lorde gives us hope with green light

She is back with a new style
A lot of young people missed lorde and her music. But now she is back with the new song called green light. There are some human beings out there who have the opinion that the song is to much pop and so do I think too. But I find it great that lorde or Ella took that path, because it is so lame to hear an artist creating each year a similar song because they know it will be a succes and will bring them money.

And this what Lorde didn't do, she wanted to explore a new genre. She isn't Lana del Ray 2.0. How does it feel, what can I do or am I even used to sing pop? These are possible thought Lorde/Ella had. Noone knows how your music is going to be taken by the market. Artpop, I'm sorry to say, was not a top album at that time, but Joanna is! That is what I mean, she probably was afraid. Pure Heroine was a grand album, adele had a great albume and songs. They alle were afraid, don't you think too? Let me know in the comment section!

Ella ans…