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The story how I got 200 followers on Twitter in one weekend

Let me tell you a story. 
I was 13 and one classmate at that time had twitter as well with 100 followers. Huge deal for her. Me, as stupide as I was and am, wanted to see wether I'm abel to get more people to like me. I was naive that you can get big very fast, because I never used social media. It is important that you have in mind that Justin Bieber and Austin Mahone where quiet populare at that time as I realized.
Well, just keep that in mind for later. **I'm feeling like these gosiping Youtubers**
So, on a Saturday, I registrated on twitter. Twitter was not the same as it is today. It started very well. I followed someone. They followed back. Me, a very intelligent men, had the idea to go for these people who had more following then followers. So I did follow them. Surprise they did follow back. 30+. The bad thing about that idea or you can call it strategy was, that there were some hardcore Justin Bieber and Austin Mahone fans amonge my followers. **gasp** They marked me…

Lady Gaga is blowing up

She is doing it AGAIN She took 2 years of to prepare her enormous comeback. Bitch, Lady Gaga is back with her shine and glory. She released the music video for John Vayne from nowhere. And it is a success. Like for real. Twitter is blowing up aswell her views on every platform probably. You know what I mean, Why are you reading this? See?
She is a performer ad she knows what is best. Her songlyrics are written mostly by herself and she is a Brand. Lady Gaga/Joanne.
I'm glad to have a big talent back, who let us enjoy her music and her opinions. She was a big supporter of Hillary and was holding a "Love trumps Hate"sign to demonstrate that she is against Donald Trump.

Beyoncé is pregnant

They are twins
The Queen Bee as she is called is going to become a mother of three children. Hopefully with a men on her side. There were some people who were speculating that she wants to get divorced. Her Album Limonade lead to plenty rumours.

So they are probably still together and Becky with the good hair did not steal her men and the father of her three children.

But can it be that he isn't the father? She could have had 6 with another men just to revenge.

Nop definitely not. That would not be very adult like. Beyoncé kills with style.

If you enjoyed this stupid and unnecessary talk, feel free to be my friend and to save my address. We hopefully will meet next time.

I did not mean it serious!

Why are humans afraid?

An excemple of my daily life
Im afraid of so many things. And I guess it helps to talk about them, just to get them out. Well I probably won't reach anyone and can't bring him or her to think of her fears as I'm going to do right now.
Fears can save our lifes as I read in a very old online report. Like 2008. When Barack was our man and we didn't know what will approche us, I was nine years old at that time. Yes I know, we all were innocent and didn't know the bad things, we were just kids. Open and abel to learn and be interested in everything and anything. I miss this time. As I wrote the first sentence of this post I didn't think about fear of high or death. I more thought of being afraid to talk or to present his own opinion and with that to influence the way of his/her life. Our brain is trained to be abel to react and to make decisions.
I was just thinkig "What is my problem right know" and what came into my mind is, that I can't or as I'…