Don't fall back, when the kids knock on the door. It's after all Fall/Autumn

Fall/Autumn/Herbst/Automne/秋/autunno/ etc. 

The season came and I honestly never thought that I'd be writing about it. But to generate some more views I'll tell you why this season right now, which is happaning in the northern hemisphere, has different names.

Deal with it

There is more then just your native language and so there are many words that describes the same thing. Some languages copies them, the others "invents" it by thereself. You could start learning a new language. Would be a great experience!

Why do Americans call it Fall but the Brits Autumn 

First, Fall was first. It is originated in English in the 16th centuryor earlier. It is a short for Fall of the year or fall of the leaf (very imaginative). It is widely used in the USA, but it is not American in origin neither is it exclusively spoken in America. It is surprising because in England, there where "Fall" was first used, Autumn much more commen. Autumn came from the French (automne) (what a similarity) in the 15th or 16th century, but it wasn't used a lot till the 18th century. "Fall" became the prefered term for the Americans and "Autumn" for the Brits.

The needs in the fall/autumn

When it gets cold, a lot of people start buying themselfs clothes. Nothing wrong with that. It is just a fact, because we do this in evrey season. We have to adapt to the weather. Many designers creat very nice mode. 

Youtube is full of females/males who gives advice for these three months. And tell you there favourits for this month or they teach you how to do a costume by yourself. You probably already bought your stuff but you can't live without watching them doing quite good work.

There is also the food change. Now you'll probably drink/eat much more often soething with pumpkin flavour. I personally don't like pumpkin and that is why I can't tell more about it. 

You also need some cool boots, because it gets cold and they cost less then later in the Winter.


Cool. The kids and the older Kids (like your perent) will get in a funny costume and are going to try to get as much candy as possible. Some mean nighbours will give you an apple just for fun. They aren't afraid of your antics, because one month earlier they had install an alarm system. They have money for that bullshit, I know. Youtube is full. As I said earlier.

Here a Link to a Channel of one of my favorite Youtubers: Grace Helbig

Did I forget something important? Do you see any mistakes? Tell me in the comments and help me out.