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Happy New Year 2017

2017 - our new chapter Well, like every year we are going to enjoy the rest of it. I know. TRAGIC. Today a lot of people will get drunk, will kiss and enjoy parties. I hope I will enjoy the 2017 with its good and adventurous side because 2016 sucked?!. I hope you have a nice time right now because you probably won't read this the 2 January. If you do, don't feel ashamed. Anyway you messed up with the time. Next year, I mean this year (you are reading this the 2nd January) it will get better with your sheduling. Hopefully.

Merry Chirstmas, thats what we hear

The Time of the year has come Everyone, or at least the majority, is hyped about Christmas. And thats why they are searching for those stuff, like track santa, how to bake X-Mas Cookies, what to gift etc.. Is it fair to profit from people who are willing to give money and data just to enyoj the 2 days? Not everyone is celebrating this time. I hope you know that. And that is sometimes quiet depressing. Not because I want to get gifts or have a tree in our room. I just can't get along with this "merry Christmas". I don't know wether they are doing it purposely or just because they are used to say it to everyone the meet, like a roboter, For me it isn't hard to say "thank you", but a "thank you" doesn't come well. You know? And if I would say "merry christmas", that is quiet hard for me. Not that I've never said it. It is polite and shows, that I'm trying to adapt. I'm a good person. 
There are also alot of apps that ar…

Emma Watson is my girl

Why am I in love with Emma Watson? She got famous as Hermine Granger in Harry Potter but that wasn't all. She went to university to study literature. Played in some other movies for exemple Belle and the Beast. She got an high engagement for femal rights. And as I'm thinkng about her, I just feel attracted to her.
Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson Here is the Link to Wikipedia, if you are interested what the names of her family members are and other thinks. For me it is important what she does right now.

Her style She isn't a slattern, it is a fact. She has brown hair. She is so beautiful. Pretty as fuck. And so successful. She knows what she wants, I think. She probably loves men who are feminists because she is very involved in female rights. She leads her own HeforShe campagne.
Career As I said and you probably know. She had a leading role in the Harry Potter Movie. Then studied. Had some advertising jobs found her man. Know and then she made some other movies. Not that succ…

Why PewDiePie deleted Jacksepticeye2

Very clever Felix I don't want to say that I knew he wouldn't delet his chanel, but I was pretty sure it's just a joke. Who would delet his hard work and fanbase. He probably had a plan. The plan to get 50+ Million Subscribers and international attention.
Probably his idea He told us on his own, that earlier he had tried to get more views with clickbait. Yea it isn't that dramatic because so many are doing this and the others are doing it way nastier than he did. To say it now, I'm not the biggest Fan so chill. I think you pretty much knew that the thumbnail was a clickbait, like it wasn't that inconspicuous. We can't blame him for that. He has to get his views and he wants to be successful. Because of that pressure, that he had fewer views and less attention in the media or in the youtube trendlist he wanted to lock them to his chanel. Heput a trace. And it all started with quitting vlogs. Some attention. Then he came back. All were happy. That this story…

Christmas is almost here

Merry Christmas The New year is right behind the corner but first we are going to enjoy the christmas stuff like christmas eve, the lovely gifts, the food, the lights, the parties, flawlesstangible kisses under the mistletoes and many other things. I have written some stuff down below but the special thing is that I used some words which we should use more often. I read an fetching artical about it and have the picutre.
The food One big theme is the pompouse stacks of food (My personal Opinion). There will be so much food that you can't even stop. You just can't because there is youre mother and grand mother who are saying "eat more Steven*". It is the time to cook by youreself. Youre propre desert or something else. Before you clicked on my Blog you were searching for cool recipes to astonish youre family. "Wow, what is this called?" You want to hear and then you will answe: "It's from Europe." And by the way we all will get a little bit of …