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What do Kylie, Emma, Justin or Felix Kjellberg have in common?

Being a celebrity: a dream or a nightmare?
The most of us have probably thought about the idea to have a role in a movie, to have the best sold album of the year or to be the best-selling author of all time and thus also to be a star (to be famous). But what are the advantages and the disadvantages of such a life?
The advantage
When I’m thinking of “celebrity”, money comes first up my mind. Money plays a big reason for many people to become a star or to start thinking of getting famous. In addition to the money they get friends and fans, who are supporting them, as well a big opportunity to achieve something big. For example to have influence and to use his or her fame wisely, like to tell their fans to donate to some important charities or to draw attention to social problems. The most want a better life, because all the time we are getting informed by the news, now a days more and more by snapchat or YouTube, that a famous personality has bought a new villa or she or her has flown to …