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I take a pause, I'll be right back

As you read the title, I'm going to chill. I've been so lazy, I did not write much and good. I have to go out of blogspot and try a real blog out. I don't have money and almost no time, because of the school. I'll finish next year and then I have to see what will happen. But till then I'll probably am going to write something, so subscribe and stay tuned I guess?

I had some plans for this summerholidays. But as I said I'm to lazy to write and to do research. I prepared some titles and pictures. Had some thoughts going. But not today.

In my eyes I made it to long. I would not have believed myself to write and spend so much time in something that useless (Lets be honest).

Follow me on my social media. Trust me you can find them somwhere in this blog and follow me. I'm going to post there sometimes.

How to spot fake Friends and how to detach them

I don't know about you but friends do not mean much for me. I hate having friends or being surrounded with people who like and appreciate me because that is not the case. That is what a friends means, someone who likes and appreciates you as a human and who does not want to harm you.Merriam Webster says, one attached to another by affection or esteem.I see myself as a very open person and I do enjoy helping others. The problem is that I'm very fast to lose. I'm not perfect neither you are, but that is not what I want. I want them to do the right thing or else they lose me. Guess what they are doing? They do so much wrong and that is the reason why I like to be on my own at least most of the time.I love to be different. Why is it even sexy to be the normal? No, I don't do things just to get attention neither do I appreciate changing myself for others. I just want to do what I want. Let me explaine. For excemple ripped jeans are in, I hate wearing them, I even refused to…

How to be more likeable - 10 rules to achieve it

I don't like to find friends. I'm not used to have friends. I have bad experience with some of my as I thought "friends". Here are some tipps which I think can help you be more attractive to others, no not in a sexual way. These are my opinions and you probably would do it differently. If so, share your opinions with a comment.
Laugh often, be funny
Have similar friends
Stay as you are, don't change yourself
Make compliments
Help him or her out / be there for the person
Search for similarities
Give them something to eat or just a gift
Go out with them
Be a good listener
Use positive body language
Here the comment:
Laugh often, be funnyIt is easy to say then to do it, Me, I often try to laugh about myself. It is hard to be funny I know, but it doesn't requier much. Just some irony or sarcasme and you probably are going to make them laugh. People who make someone laugh are mostly much more likeable. To be funny means to smile too. You know when to make a joke and wh…

How I feel after seeing 13 Reasons Why

Hello, firstly I'm going to explain to you my situation so that you can understand how I look, what I did, what I believe in and other facts. It is much easier to understand the context. I'm male. I'm 18 years old. I have a very similar haircut as Clay. I'm short. My Hair is brown as my eyes are. I'm in the age of Hannah and Clay. I've got a little brother. I love him, but we are often arguing. After a fight I feel so bad. My parents are quiet good parents. I go to high school and I'm not really into making friends. So I tried to keep being friendly, but it is just hard searching and keeping the new won friends. I do not trust anyone. I'm very sceptical and sometime just aggressive. I'm feeling so bad after a shout or a hit I did. I'm not used to talk to people but there are times where I'm really open and unstoppable. I don't know why and how I do that. I'm often very ambitious but not like to much...

Yes I cried so many times while …

The depression - a poem

I wanted to show you some pictures of structures I took in one day. But it slowly got different. I made a collage and wasn't quiet happy about the formation of the small pictures. So I did just one whole collage and snapped it out of word and put it on here.
The depression
There is so much time the young think Use it, don't tell anyone and leave run deeply, run fastly, run as quiet as you can noone can and wants to stop you, it is just you
stop in the nowhere, feel the gras under your feet the round stones between your little toes every inch of your skin is living the beat goes on, you are not dead
dead as water which is flooding the dark city the feelings out of your heart you can't stop  the same shit as last day is happening just cry yourself a gray river
gray, your tears as they hit the ground wind is blowing from the north to the south it is so cold as if the winter is comming you are tired and just fell asleep, it is summer
No, that is not going to happen again you open your eyes and …

Easy, fast and delicious brownies

I can say that the most of us human beings love brownies. No not Hash-Brownies. The normal ones. No, not vegan. Ahhh, the normal one. You see, out there are so many recipes of, as we love to say, brownie. If you have another name for brownie let me know in the comments below. But still I hope we all think of the same expirience when eating a small (is relative) piece.Here are the ingridients you are needing:125g unsalted butter, chopped125g dark chocolate, chopped3 eggs lightly wisked335g white sugar (1 and 1/2 cups)115g plain flour (3/4 cup)30g dutch cocoa powder (1/4 cup)1 teaspoon vanilla extractpinch of salt
Here are the steps you have to do:Preheat oven to 180C/160C fan forced. Grease a 20cm (base measurement) square cake pan and line with baking paper.Then:Place butter and chocolate in a heatproof bowl over a saucepan of simmering water (don't let the bowl touch the water). Stir with a metal spoon until melted.Remove from heat. Quickly stir in egg, sugar, flour, cocoa powder…

Why I want to be better then others - and why you should too

There was a time. No, not ten years ago. More like five years. Then, I often compared  myself to another boy. Not the looking. No, neither the behaviour. I was more interested in his marks. Yes. I always, till today, want to be better then him. In any point. Well, not in every. For excemple I don't care if he is doing better in sport then me or wether he is able to drink more alcohol then me. I just cared in the important subjects.I'm very ambitious and I weirdly don't feel like it. For excemple I often think that I wasn't very prdouctif, but in reality I did so much. I'm not used to do one thing in particular and then go to the other task (just if it isn't a big work). I do everything in small bits.Here are five statements:You are spurred to learn and to get a better mark then your rivalI don't know how you are as a person, but if you are willing to be better then someone else, you are going to get better marks. Better is relative. I don't know what yo…

The coolest T-Shirts for Summer 2017

My favoritesYou read the Title. Here are my favorite 10 T-Shirts for this summer. If you are curious you can go to the online store of these brands and look for other T-Shirst. Enjoy and leave me a comment or follow me on my social media sites.The Link to the pages are below the pictures, if you are interested to buy one or all of them. This T-Shirt is designed by a famous Youtuber called  Connor Franta. The colour and the embroidery are so trendy. I like it a lot and would be very happy to buy one. Sadly it is sold out at the moment. That means that many young people want one of them. Trust me you are good to go with this Tee.East Coast Lifestyle is not for everyone. If you don't like the anchor symbol it is just not for you. But still, the tee's are awesome. This is just one excemple, they have much more. The shipping is free if you buy for 150 $. Have a look.

I didn't know that Mango makes clothes for men. Good for me. Love this T-Shirt. The khaki colour and the embroider…


Looking back at the past I was doing some stuff, I don't even know what I was doing, when I just thought of Macklemore and his songs. It was a thought and I just searched for it. That often happens. My brain reminds me of the good old time. Are this things even good to be remebered? Yes definetily. I'm actually listening to a song. (Downtown). As intelligent and curious as I was, I found his songs on an app and downloaded them. Nice songs which I hadn't hear befor. I really like them as I did before when I was a child. I'm still a child tho. Two days later in the school library I opened Youtube on a computer and I found the old videos and they reminded me of my past.

Past. It is so weird to say, because they werejust  published two years ago. But in a way 2 years are long. For me past is the time were my grand-parents were young. Do you also find it odd that time is passing by so fast. This year is almost over. For excemple, I already know that my summer holidays are …

Why I want to have children

Want to be a husband, father, best friend, ... I have a big family. Like a lot of cousins and aunts and oncles. That means we are many children and we are from little used to stay together as a family. Family is the right thing and if you have one (wife/husband and children) you will be happy. I don't think about that in that way. You have to know that I'm the older brother. So I'm used to be in charge of the small boys and girls of my family. Trust me there are so many children. So if they went somewhere, where they couldn't take their children with them, they usually brought them to me and I was a babysitter for a day. A male babysitter. Sadly not that common, because they think we are bad with kids, It could not get wors then just a death. SO chill. But I thinkt, that we are often very responsible and good to kids. Really, I mean that.

I agree that you are going to be happy when you have kids, You have your son or daughter who you love and teach and see growing. Yo…

You just don't do that

THE COMMENT So on Tuesday we had english class. Not the worst lesson. To be honest it was quiet interesting. We were listening to podcast. Here is one podcast which I personally like a lot. It is presented by Grace Helbig and it is called Not to deep. But that is not what this post is about. We are talking about how to behave when someone is ill. So I was ill and I'm still ill. Sadly. I had problems with my lungs from October till the middle of February. Then I was fit again and I tried to stay healthy. But somehow I got ill again. I know I'm an Idiot. It is annoying, but I deal with it. I have to. So these weeks I was often coughing and sneezing. And I did this not on purpose, obviously. I just had to clean my throat and my nose. And that sounded disgusting. I'm sorry. I sneezed almost once every hour. I had to cough +/- every 10 minutes. I know that is not "cool" to be sick. I admit it wasn't hard to take medicines and to know that I'm disturbing the l…

Not many have issues with their bodies

My body and me Luckily you don't know how I look. I often don't like my look because my body can't be compared to a models body. So it could be compared but it just would be stupid to do that. You lose time doing something which isn't important at all. Searching for a fitting model who could be compared with me. There was a time and I still do that where I compared myself. I often did look at bodyparts of others who were good looking and tried to see the similarities. Am I good looking aswell? Do I fit? I was trying to answer the question, whether my bodyparts have the same proportion, length or size. (By the way, I'm not talking about penises). I have to stop with that, because as I see it, it is not important to be like someone else. We all should except how we are. Thats the only and the best way.

Sometimes, I just don't care what others thing about my appearance or my personality. Sometimes I just don't want them to be around me. Sometimes I care to mu…

What is my blog about

Find your niche
I've searched so many pages/blogs and everyone wrote that I or we have to find our own niche in which we are godd in and have enough information to tell and and teach the readers. Hereinafter I call these people "pro", because they think they are so good in what they are doing. I don't think that they are pros. They don't know everything. Who knows everything? Noone.

First I thought that it is not important to have his own niche. Who cares if you once talk about avocados and once about Beyoncé? Many care. And thats why I realized that you have to specialize yourself in something particular. At the beginning of the thinking process I thought that I don't have a niche. I liked and do like to write about many things. Once french once english. Once about Justin Bieber onve about Dylan the bitch. I decided to set a topic. Something which is going to characterize my blog. My personality as a Blogger. I want to make this blog big to have you as a re…

J'ai écrit une conte

L’aventure du pêcheur et du capricorne
We had to write a fairy tale in french class. Here it is. Have mercy and leave a comment.
C’était une petite ville au bord d’un grand lac qui avait beaucoup de poisson mais seulement un pêcheur. D’un jour à partir d’autre il n’avait ni d’eau ni de poisson dans le lac qui avait séché. Tous les habitants ont cru qu’il y aie une malédiction parlé par un soucier. Mais le pêcheur a douté qu’il y aie des chausses magique à cause de lesquelles le lac a séché. Donc il a demandé conseil au vieil ermite qui vivait à la forêt des montagnes. L’ermite lui a dit qu’une chute de pierre a taris la source du fleuve.

Alors le pêcheur a décidé de chercher la source. Il est parti à une expédition dans la montagne. Il n’était pas préparé pour les exigences de montagnes. C’était la raison pour laquelle il s’est égaré. Il était désespéré. Tout à coup il a entendu un bruit. Un capricorne a surgit du buisson. Le capricorne était un allié et il a montré le chemin au pêcheur…

How to make guacamole

Your hungry, aren't you?
Let me explain what will come to you. I will show and explain you the recipe of guacamole, but sometimes I'm going to teach you something about avocado.
What you need:
2    ripe avocados1    lime      salt / pepper2-3 garlic clove1    onion2    tomatos2    tablespoons of yogurt

So the avocado is old. very old. About 10000 years BC. It is suspected that it has its origin in Mexico. The scientific classification is persea americana.
Back to the cooking: chop the onion and the garlic in peaces. Small big. I don't care. You do what you like. Then put that in a bowl. Then you open the ripe avocado. Here is a link how you do that. Mix that up with the onion.
 Martin Fernandez de Enciso was the first who wrote about the fruit, but he didn't use the word avocado. Hans Sloane was the one who gave us a new word. AVOCADO. 
You cut the tomatos in small peaces and mixed it in. Over the mixture you press the lime and strew some salt and pepper over it. To make yo…

Lorde gives us hope with green light

She is back with a new style
A lot of young people missed lorde and her music. But now she is back with the new song called green light. There are some human beings out there who have the opinion that the song is to much pop and so do I think too. But I find it great that lorde or Ella took that path, because it is so lame to hear an artist creating each year a similar song because they know it will be a succes and will bring them money.

And this what Lorde didn't do, she wanted to explore a new genre. She isn't Lana del Ray 2.0. How does it feel, what can I do or am I even used to sing pop? These are possible thought Lorde/Ella had. Noone knows how your music is going to be taken by the market. Artpop, I'm sorry to say, was not a top album at that time, but Joanna is! That is what I mean, she probably was afraid. Pure Heroine was a grand album, adele had a great albume and songs. They alle were afraid, don't you think too? Let me know in the comment section!

Ella ans…

The story how I got 200 followers on Twitter in one weekend

Let me tell you a story. 
I was 13 and one classmate at that time had twitter as well with 100 followers. Huge deal for her. Me, as stupide as I was and am, wanted to see wether I'm abel to get more people to like me. I was naive that you can get big very fast, because I never used social media. It is important that you have in mind that Justin Bieber and Austin Mahone where quiet populare at that time as I realized.
Well, just keep that in mind for later. **I'm feeling like these gosiping Youtubers**
So, on a Saturday, I registrated on twitter. Twitter was not the same as it is today. It started very well. I followed someone. They followed back. Me, a very intelligent men, had the idea to go for these people who had more following then followers. So I did follow them. Surprise they did follow back. 30+. The bad thing about that idea or you can call it strategy was, that there were some hardcore Justin Bieber and Austin Mahone fans amonge my followers. **gasp** They marked me…

Lady Gaga is blowing up

She is doing it AGAIN She took 2 years of to prepare her enormous comeback. Bitch, Lady Gaga is back with her shine and glory. She released the music video for John Vayne from nowhere. And it is a success. Like for real. Twitter is blowing up aswell her views on every platform probably. You know what I mean, Why are you reading this? See?
She is a performer ad she knows what is best. Her songlyrics are written mostly by herself and she is a Brand. Lady Gaga/Joanne.
I'm glad to have a big talent back, who let us enjoy her music and her opinions. She was a big supporter of Hillary and was holding a "Love trumps Hate"sign to demonstrate that she is against Donald Trump.

Beyoncé is pregnant

They are twins
The Queen Bee as she is called is going to become a mother of three children. Hopefully with a men on her side. There were some people who were speculating that she wants to get divorced. Her Album Limonade lead to plenty rumours.

So they are probably still together and Becky with the good hair did not steal her men and the father of her three children.

But can it be that he isn't the father? She could have had 6 with another men just to revenge.

Nop definitely not. That would not be very adult like. Beyoncé kills with style.

If you enjoyed this stupid and unnecessary talk, feel free to be my friend and to save my address. We hopefully will meet next time.

I did not mean it serious!

Why are humans afraid?

An excemple of my daily life
Im afraid of so many things. And I guess it helps to talk about them, just to get them out. Well I probably won't reach anyone and can't bring him or her to think of her fears as I'm going to do right now.
Fears can save our lifes as I read in a very old online report. Like 2008. When Barack was our man and we didn't know what will approche us, I was nine years old at that time. Yes I know, we all were innocent and didn't know the bad things, we were just kids. Open and abel to learn and be interested in everything and anything. I miss this time. As I wrote the first sentence of this post I didn't think about fear of high or death. I more thought of being afraid to talk or to present his own opinion and with that to influence the way of his/her life. Our brain is trained to be abel to react and to make decisions.
I was just thinkig "What is my problem right know" and what came into my mind is, that I can't or as I'…