How to spot fake Friends and how to detach them

I don't know about you but friends do not mean much for me. I hate having friends or being surrounded with people who like and appreciate me because that is not the case. That is what a friends means, someone who likes and appreciates you as a human and who does not want to harm you.

Merriam Webster says, one attached to another by affection or esteem.

I see myself as a very open person and I do enjoy helping others. The problem is that I'm very fast to lose. I'm not perfect neither you are, but that is not what I want. I want them to do the right thing or else they lose me. Guess what they are doing? They do so much wrong and that is the reason why I like to be on my own at least most of the time.

I love to be different. Why is it even sexy to be the normal? No, I don't do things just to get attention neither do I appreciate changing myself for others. I just want to do what I want. Let me explaine. For excemple ripped jeans are in, I hate wearing them, I even refused to wear the gifted one from my aunt and that is something I'm normaly not doing. Another excemple: It is hot outside and I'm walking with long jeans and and a jacket. And I don't care wether some would like to see me having a different look. I feel confortable that way. In most situations I'm gross. Yes, I don't brush my teeth every day neither do I wash myself every day. I'm almost feeling good in my body. I have some pounds I have to lose but besides that everything is fine.

In the past years of my life I was often very popular (don't laugh, that is a true statement) but then it suddenly changed, so did I, every year. It wasn't just my popularity that got away, I started seeing and valueing things etc. differently.

I have nothing againstyour opinion, if you say I have a BFF and I trust them, but in my eyes a real friend does not exist, not know not ever.
For me it was important to think about the meaning of friends or people who are near you and who you see mostly every day. It is so significantly to know what you as a person think and mean. The follow points are things I mean are right. If you have an other opinion, let me know in the comments below or tweet me @Bineaz_

In this post I'll tell you how to spot fake friends. Are you ready?
What they do wrong, a good friends wouldn't never ever talk behind you back, tell your biggest secrets to other or lie to you. You say what? Yes, a fiend is someone who is like your brother and sister. He gets on your nerves but he does not mean to destroy you. He is your family and loves you. A friend knows when he has to help you, you don't need to comunicate orally. A friend does not like/love you just because your money or your status.

You ask yourself how you can spot the fake friends? The looks, the gossip, his appearance and treatment. If you hear a gossip going around, ask him/her if he said something. Trust your stomach. If you see him in public and he does not like that you start talking to him. Boy/Girl bay. You have to get the feeling, not just for spotting fake friends but aswell for later. People who are going to try to exploit you. They will appeare and treat you in a way that is not normal.

And now when you spot that bad friend? Detach them, tell them that it has stopped. You do not need such kind of people. If you can't tell them directly, just slowly stop goinf ot with them. Do not follow them online, but with that I would wait to the end of the war. Searvh other people and replace him. He is no longer important for you.

About the Author:
Bineaz is not my real name. And yes, there are some pics out there with my face on it, but still, I don't like to be so public with my life. I'm 18 years old and I do enjoy writing and telling other people about my storys every Saturday (see shedule). My english isn't that good, thats why I'm writing. (I'm working on it) I love talking about mode, technology, marketing or just about something that happened to me and occupies me. If you like my post and my Blog, a comment would be appreciated or just a follow on Twitter or on Tumblr.