The story how I got 200 followers on Twitter in one weekend

Let me tell you a story. 

I was 13 and one classmate at that time had twitter as well with 100 followers. Huge deal for her. Me, as stupide as I was and am, wanted to see wether I'm abel to get more people to like me. I was naive that you can get big very fast, because I never used social media. It is important that you have in mind that Justin Bieber and Austin Mahone where quiet populare at that time as I realized.

Well, just keep that in mind for later. **I'm feeling like these gosiping Youtubers**

So, on a Saturday, I registrated on twitter. Twitter was not the same as it is today. It started very well. I followed someone. They followed back. Me, a very intelligent men, had the idea to go for these people who had more following then followers. So I did follow them. Surprise they did follow back. 30+.
The bad thing about that idea or you can call it strategy was, that there were some hardcore Justin Bieber and Austin Mahone fans amonge my followers. **gasp** They marked me in every (as I saw it) tweet and so I got extra followers.

It was the worst. They didn't stop following and sending me tweets about how much they love there stars and how much they are excited for their tour. I absolutely wasn't and am not a fan of the two stars, but I had too deal with it. I wanted to beat my classmate. But it got worse. Probably for some it wouldn have been the worst but for others it would have been the biggest gift to get so much attention.

On Sunday morning I picked up my iPhone and saw the message, that Austine Mahone (till that moment I didn't know who he was) had followed me. A guy (me), who had started Twitter one day ago and already had gained 150 followers, just because of Austine I got plenty of other young people to follow me and to like my dumb tweets.

The next day I deleted my account. I had beaten my classmate. And I just didn't want to tweet with people and about people who I didn't and don't like. I regret it a little bit, because I could have had tousends of followrs today and with that I would have benn an influencer ( and I really want to be one:)

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