Why are humans afraid?

An excemple of my daily life

Im afraid of so many things. And I guess it helps to talk about them, just to get them out. Well I probably won't reach anyone and can't bring him or her to think of her fears as I'm going to do right now.

Fears can save our lifes as I read in a very old online report. Like 2008. When Barack was our man and we didn't know what will approche us, I was nine years old at that time. Yes I know, we all were innocent and didn't know the bad things, we were just kids. Open and abel to learn and be interested in everything and anything. I miss this time. As I wrote the first sentence of this post I didn't think about fear of high or death. I more thought of being afraid to talk or to present his own opinion and with that to influence the way of his/her life. Our brain is trained to be abel to react and to make decisions.

I was just thinkig "What is my problem right know" and what came into my mind is, that I can't or as I'm trying to say I'm afraid to present my personal thoughts and values. And I'm thinking what could happen if I just did. If I just talked and didn't care what the others would think of me, what if I just told someone my opinion in a kind way instead let them talk something that doesn't get alonge with my personal opinions or values. 

I did something and I felt good at that moment and now that I'm thinking again about it I feel good too. I have to explain. I don't like to talk about my personal life. If I don't know the person well enough they won't learn anything about my family. Do you know TED talk? - there was someone, who explained that you can talk with every stranger if you ask them a personal question. For excemple: "Do you have any children?" or "Are you married yet?". Why am I saying this. So, I have a boy in the class. He is not my friend but he thinks that I'm his. He probably has a illness, thats why he thinks he is loved by everyone. Lets call him Dylan. He is a basic Bitch. Like one of the mean sort. He gossips about everyone and he is quiet retarted. Listen, please don't take me to serious. When I'm getting angry I just have to let everything out. I never mean it like that. I mean I'm really not his friend, but he isn't a basic bitch. He sometimes is just mean and I can't understand why he can allow himself to be like that.

Let me explain better. Dylan. He is quiet big. Not basketball-player big but bigger then me. He is very thin. His hair is red and he is very pale. He has some pimples, but who doesn't? He walks very bad, so he walks, no he strolls and thats the reason why his shoes are so shaby. He almost never ties his shoestrinks. He has a hump. Like the hunchbake of Notre Dame. Let me point this out, I'm not the one who gossip about someone else neither am I a bully. I'm against it. I just want to know and to explain to you, why this guy, Dylan, can allow himself to be so rude to others when he is in that position. Noone should do that. I told him once, why he, especially he, talks like that and he just shruk his shoulders. I told him all these mean things he has (hump, pimples, his idleness etc.) and he just walked away. Earlier he had talked badly about my little brother, who is very self confident. He thinks that he is arrogant and he dumb.

That little bastard, I mean idiot. See, I was aggressive. He isn't a bastard. That is to kind, but I want to look professional so he is just an idiot. Anyways he should not have said that. I will destroy his life peace by peace. I know what to do in such a situation. I probably am bad in talking and presentig my opinion but when the moment comes I'm sure about myself. I can't and won't accept that.

Fears are good, fears help us to stay alive, but sometimes you have to risk your ass for a lifechanging chance. I have to risk, because sometimes I have good ideas and know the answers of many questions. I have to risk and to start how to talk right with the right people. And Dylan will get his revange. In small peaces. He has to suffer. I'm just kidding. His life is low anyway.