The depression - a poem

I wanted to show you some pictures of structures I took in one day. But it slowly got different. I made a collage and wasn't quiet happy about the formation of the small pictures. So I did just one whole collage and snapped it out of word and put it on here.

The depression

There is so much time the young think
Use it, don't tell anyone and leave
run deeply, run fastly, run as quiet as you can
noone can and wants to stop you, it is just you

stop in the nowhere, feel the gras under your feet
the round stones between your little toes
every inch of your skin is living
the beat goes on, you are not dead

dead as water which is flooding the dark city
the feelings out of your heart you can't stop 
the same shit as last day is happening
just cry yourself a gray river

gray, your tears as they hit the ground
wind is blowing from the north to the south
it is so cold as if the winter is comming
you are tired and just fell asleep, it is summer

No, that is not going to happen again
you open your eyes and scream out loud
jump deeply, jump highly, jump quietly out of the bed
never stop, never stay on a point, you are alive