Emma Watson is my girl

Why am I in love with Emma Watson?

She got famous as Hermine Granger in Harry Potter but that wasn't all. She went to university to study literature. Played in some other movies for exemple Belle and the Beast. She got an high engagement for femal rights. And as I'm thinkng about her, I just feel attracted to her.

Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson

Here is the Link to Wikipedia, if you are interested what the names of her family members are and other thinks. For me it is important what she does right now.

Her style

She isn't a slattern, it is a fact. She has brown hair. She is so beautiful. Pretty as fuck. And so successful. She knows what she wants, I think. She probably loves men who are feminists because she is very involved in female rights. She leads her own HeforShe campagne.


As I said and you probably know. She had a leading role in the Harry Potter Movie. Then studied. Had some advertising jobs found her man. Know and then she made some other movies. Not that succesful as Harry, but that is pretty high level. But now she is back with Belle and the Beast. 

I know it is not much. But I was interested what you thonk about her.