Christmas is almost here

Merry Christmas

The New year is right behind the corner but first we are going to enjoy the christmas stuff like christmas eve, the lovely gifts, the food, the lights, the parties, flawless tangible kisses under the mistletoes and many other things. I have written some stuff down below but the special thing is that I used some words which we should use more often. I read an fetching artical about it and have the picutre.

The food

One big theme is the pompouse stacks of food (My personal Opinion). There will be so much food that you can't even stop. You just can't because there is youre mother and grand mother who are saying "eat more Steven*". It is the time to cook by youreself. Youre propre desert or something else. Before you clicked on my Blog you were searching for cool recipes to astonish youre family. "Wow, what is this called?" You want to hear and then you will answe: "It's from Europe." And by the way we all will get a little bit of fat.

Come together

This time is just like a fire. It is burning thoses asses of these people who don't want to meet up with there unique family. With you! It is christmas time and for the most people that means go and chill out with your perents, wifes, husbands or children (in paticular familiy). You can enjoy the night or days or week. It is mostly an unforgettable moment. You will talk about youre future, then one year of oure live is gone. So what will you do next year - A older blogpost about goals - will be a coomon question. Hopefully you have an answer. If you don't. just search for it or wait for the efficacy of a talk with youre parents.

The win

It isn't a secret. This time of the year a realm business can make lots of money just by offering wrapping paper and good gifts to you, regardless of age and religion and etc.. At this time of the year the prize isnt that important. You have to be kind and well-behaved. You as a customer are a winner to because you are going to get your own gifts from the other members of the family in 20 days. You probably gave your sibling, parents and grand-parents hints so that they can't mess it up. It has to be a good gift because you aswell tried hard to give them the right one.

*If youre names is steven, I'm so sorry