Merry Chirstmas, thats what we hear

The Time of the year has come

Everyone, or at least the majority, is hyped about Christmas. And thats why they are searching for those stuff, like track santa, how to bake X-Mas Cookies, what to gift etc.. Is it fair to profit from people who are willing to give money and data just to enyoj the 2 days?

Not everyone is celebrating this time. I hope you know that. And that is sometimes quiet depressing. Not because I want to get gifts or have a tree in our room. I just can't get along with this "merry Christmas". I don't know wether they are doing it purposely or just because they are used to say it to everyone the meet, like a roboter, For me it isn't hard to say "thank you", but a "thank you" doesn't come well. You know? And if I would say "merry christmas", that is quiet hard for me. Not that I've never said it. It is polite and shows, that I'm trying to adapt. I'm a good person. 

There are also alot of apps that are christmas themed. Santa Track is a good recent example. It is for kids aswell for adults. You can have fun with it and enjoy the good programmed site/app. It is free. You just give them yor data. Nothing big isnt it?

Is money important? Because you spent to much out. And you will continue to spend. Well we could talk hours about this topic, whether it is good to give money for family or whether you shouldn't, but nop I'm not into writing that much. MEHH.