Why PewDiePie deleted Jacksepticeye2

Very clever Felix

I don't want to say that I knew he wouldn't delet his chanel, but I was pretty sure it's just a joke. Who would delet his hard work and fanbase. He probably had a plan. The plan to get 50+ Million Subscribers and international attention.

Probably his idea

He told us on his own, that earlier he had tried to get more views with clickbait. Yea it isn't that dramatic because so many are doing this and the others are doing it way nastier than he did.
To say it now, I'm not the biggest Fan so chill.
I think you pretty much knew that the thumbnail was a clickbait, like it wasn't that inconspicuous. We can't blame him for that. He has to get his views and he wants to be successful. Because of that pressure, that he had fewer views and less attention in the media or in the youtube trendlist he wanted to lock them to his chanel. Heput a trace. And it all started with quitting vlogs. Some attention. Then he came back. All were happy. That this story with deleting chanel. All sad. Got the attention " Biggest Youtuber is going to delet chan when he hits 50 Mil Subs". BAM. BAM. Attention. Super mega Atention. Now he can continue. Because he can.