Not many have issues with their bodies

My body and me

Luckily you don't know how I look. I often don't like my look because my body can't be compared to a models body. So it could be compared but it just would be stupid to do that. You lose time doing something which isn't important at all. Searching for a fitting model who could be compared with me. There was a time and I still do that where I compared myself. I often did look at bodyparts of others who were good looking and tried to see the similarities. Am I good looking aswell? Do I fit? I was trying to answer the question, whether my bodyparts have the same proportion, length or size. (By the way, I'm not talking about penises). I have to stop with that, because as I see it, it is not important to be like someone else. We all should except how we are. Thats the only and the best way.

Sometimes, I just don't care what others thing about my appearance or my personality. Sometimes I just don't want them to be around me. Sometimes I care to much about he opinion. I just want to be alone and to be me. The small fat guy. I'm not fat. I often say that I'm fat, but that is not true. Not to get sympathy. I'm just stupid, I'm dissing myself because... I just don't know why I'm doing it. In one hand I know that I'm perfect but in the other hand I just see the bad things, I just can remember what I did bad, I never think of the good thinks. I should work on that. We all have to be more positive. I'm that kind of person who can laugh about himself sometimes. It depens who is in the room. Because then ot is just funny and I can laugh. The reason is that I'm making the joke not someone else like Dylan (read the other post) and in the room there are the right people not stupid ones like Dylan.

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I like my nose, my face in general. I love my body hip downwards. My feet. My legs. My ass. I'm pretty sure boys can love there ass too. Let me know in the comments. Why are you reading this. Why do you feel, that your body isn't perfect. There are surely some people out there who are jealous, you just have to be confidant enough. Is the look really that important? I mean sometimes it is. You are representing yourself, And if you want to look a way you do wear that kind of clothes. Do you understand? I often see clothing lines which I would like to wear, but they often don't fit me. I'm then just sad that it is not made for me. The universe didn't want me to be wearing that kind of clothing. Economized some money. Good for me.

I have to work. Not on my body. More on my attitude. We all have to accept ourself, We can't and shouldn't change, (an operation is stupid in most parts) . I personally have to stop laughing at my self. I mean mor I should stop encouraging others to think bad about my body. That is not right,