How to make guacamole

Your hungry, aren't you?

Let me explain what will come to you. I will show and explain you the recipe of guacamole, but sometimes I'm going to teach you something about avocado.

What you need:

  • 2    ripe avocados
  • 1    lime
  •       salt / pepper
  • 2-3 garlic clove
  • 1    onion
  • 2    tomatos
  • 2    tablespoons of yogurt

So the avocado is old. very old. About 10000 years BC. It is suspected that it has its origin in Mexico. The scientific classification is persea americana.

Back to the cooking:
chop the onion and the garlic in peaces. Small big. I don't care. You do what you like. Then put that in a bowl. Then you open the ripe avocado. Here is a link how you do that. Mix that up with the onion.

 Martin Fernandez de Enciso was the first who wrote about the fruit, but he didn't use the word avocado. Hans Sloane was the one who gave us a new word. AVOCADO. 

You cut the tomatos in small peaces and mixed it in. Over the mixture you press the lime and strew some salt and pepper over it. To make your avocado different you can use yogurt. Try something new!  

The guacamole can be eaten with tortilla chips or just like that. You can aswell make toast with guacamole or a salad. You have so many possibilities.

You can't just eat avocado you can use it on your face as an oil or as a facemask. Then your that green monster as your inner soul. SAD. I'm just kidding, you aren't a monster. Just a little THOT with avocado taste, so basically a bitch with style.