What is my blog about

Find your niche

I've searched so many pages/blogs and everyone wrote that I or we have to find our own niche in which we are godd in and have enough information to tell and and teach the readers. Hereinafter I call these people "pro", because they think they are so good in what they are doing. I don't think that they are pros. They don't know everything. Who knows everything? Noone.

First I thought that it is not important to have his own niche. Who cares if you once talk about avocados and once about Beyoncé? Many care. And thats why I realized that you have to specialize yourself in something particular. At the beginning of the thinking process I thought that I don't have a niche. I liked and do like to write about many things. Once french once english. Once about Justin Bieber onve about Dylan the bitch. I decided to set a topic. Something which is going to characterize my blog. My personality as a Blogger. I want to make this blog big to have you as a reader and as a friend. I want to be successful and I can achieve that with being strict and confidence.

There are going to be posts about me and my experience. Yes. You are going to read the emberessing stories, I'm going to tell you about things I'm mad of. You are going to be my friend. My buddie who knows everyhting abou me just not my face. for that, you have to come back. You have to share this post. You have to help me out, just once. I do the experience blog because then I can write about things which are on my minde. For excemple guacamole, Beyoncé or PewDiePie ....

I won't just be letting you know about my life, I'm going to try to work with twitter, Tumblr., Pinterest and design to make YOU feel comfortable. Yes, you are important. You and your friends.

I'll see you next time. There will be a shedule published in some days so that you know when you have to come to read my posts. Stay tuned or just put you E-Mail down there in the corner or save my link or follow me on Sicialmedia. It is up to you my friend. BUDDY.