Lorde gives us hope with green light

She is back with a new style

A lot of young people missed lorde and her music. But now she is back with the new song called green light. There are some human beings out there who have the opinion that the song is to much pop and so do I think too. But I find it great that lorde or Ella took that path, because it is so lame to hear an artist creating each year a similar song because they know it will be a succes and will bring them money.

Bildergebnis für green light lorde
And this what Lorde didn't do, she wanted to explore a new genre. She isn't Lana del Ray 2.0. How does it feel, what can I do or am I even used to sing pop? These are possible thought Lorde/Ella had. Noone knows how your music is going to be taken by the market. Artpop, I'm sorry to say, was not a top album at that time, but Joanna is! That is what I mean, she probably was afraid. Pure Heroine was a grand album, adele had a great albume and songs. They alle were afraid, don't you think too? Let me know in the comment section!

Ella answered some question on Twitter and a question was if the new album had some similarities with the "old" lorde. And she replied with a YES. Lorde didn't die, she grow up and brings us great content. For excemple the the picture of the song made by Sam McKinniss or the song itself produced by Lorde, Jack Antonoff and Joe Little.