Looking back at the past

I was doing some stuff, I don't even know what I was doing, when I just thought of Macklemore and his songs. It was a thought and I just searched for it. That often happens. My brain reminds me of the good old time. Are this things even good to be remebered? Yes definetily. I'm actually listening to a song. (Downtown). As intelligent and curious as I was, I found his songs on an app and downloaded them. Nice songs which I hadn't hear befor. I really like them as I did before when I was a child. I'm still a child tho. Two days later in the school library I opened Youtube on a computer and I found the old videos and they reminded me of my past.

Past. It is so weird to say, because they werejust  published two years ago. But in a way 2 years are long. For me past is the time were my grand-parents were young. Do you also find it odd that time is passing by so fast. This year is almost over. For excemple, I already know that my summer holidays are going to be so short because I have to do so much stuff. My shedule is full. I'm working on my finals.

Dito. So this post is more to give us some thoghts. Why do we like to think about our old self. How felt, what we did wrong. We mostly aren't thinking about our positiv actions. We think about our bad habits and stupid mistakes. Thats not bad, to rethink what you did bad and try to improve it. Try not to make the mistake twice. But in the other hand it is just stupid. Let your old self stay in the *past*. If you think about the 2008 because you want to feel good. YOU GO GIRL/BOY. but if your brain just wants you to start to cry. STOP it. Why destroying yourself?

I'm not judging. I'm doing it myself. So my brain, the important part of or body.

As a sidenote: We are called dead when our brain doesn't work. That doesn't mean that our heart has stopped beating, so the doctors can use the heart to help others.

For excemple, I love listening to my grand-mother and grand-father telling there past and hearing there opinion. YOu can learn so much. Not just about your family, but about the life itself. I for excemple thanked my brain (or myself?) that it had the idea to google these songs and letting me think about the room I was in when I listened to this songs. What kind of people were around me. How I just enjoyed my day that time. There was a point where I had the picture in my minde. Me, my cousine and my brother were sitting in front of the computer and watched Miley Cyrus, who is going to releas a new album this year, Wreckingball musicvideo. We judged and gave our opinions. It was so nice. I'm still able to sing the lyrics. How freaking cool is that? I'm so glad that I haven't forgotten that part.

It is so sad that many are deleting bits of there lifes because theye aren't important as the say. But these bits make us to who we are. 

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