The coolest T-Shirts for Summer 2017

My favorites

You read the Title. Here are my favorite 10 T-Shirts for this summer. If you are curious you can go to the online store of these brands and look for other T-Shirst. Enjoy and leave me a comment or follow me on my social media sites.

The Link to the pages are below the pictures, if you are interested to buy one or all of them.

Validate Me Tee

This T-Shirt is designed by a famous Youtuber called  Connor Franta. The colour and the embroidery are so trendy. I like it a lot and would be very happy to buy one. Sadly it is sold out at the moment. That means that many young people want one of them. Trust me you are good to go with this Tee.

Blank Tall Tee
East Coast Lifestyle

East Coast Lifestyle is not for everyone. If you don't like the anchor symbol it is just not for you. But still, the tee's are awesome. This is just one excemple, they have much more. The shipping is free if you buy for 150 $. Have a look.

Embroidered detail cotton t-shirt | MANGO MAN

I didn't know that Mango makes clothes for men. Good for me. Love this T-Shirt. The khaki colour and the embroidery. HHHHHH YES. Here aswell you can have a look on the mango page. They aren't that expensiv about the 30 $. The shipping is free if you buy for 49 $. 

G-Star Raw 

This T-Shirt got my attention just because of the colour. And this bright bazooka isn't the only one. There are 4 more to chose from: black, light tulla green, pyg and white. Go and look at yourself. I was never a big fan og G-Star but know I consider to buy more often in ther shopes.


I like how they played with the colours and that it is on a white T-Shirt. It is probably to expensiv and to basic. Basic is better then to much. Do you think too?

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Dr. Denim 

It is not pink. It is PLAYER PINK. Play it player. Not everyone wants to wear it. Not everyone can wear it. But be brave enough. By the way if you are as a men wearing pink, send me a pic as a proof.

Barshka Barshka

Damn, Barshka has some very very nice T-Shirts. and They are cheap AF. You have to go and look at there online store. YOur probably are going to buy something, I can already tell.

There are other Brands like H&M,Jack&Jones, etc. but I just put these in because I do like them a lot and I find them fitting (get it ?) to the summer time.

You've survived it. Here is my last post, if you want to read it too.

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