You just don't do that


So on Tuesday we had english class. Not the worst lesson. To be honest it was quiet interesting. We were listening to podcast. Here is one podcast which I personally like a lot. It is presented by Grace Helbig and it is called Not to deep. But that is not what this post is about. We are talking about how to behave when someone is ill.

So I was ill and I'm still ill. Sadly. I had problems with my lungs from October till the middle of February. Then I was fit again and I tried to stay healthy. But somehow I got ill again. I know I'm an Idiot. It is annoying, but I deal with it. I have to. So these weeks I was often coughing and sneezing. And I did this not on purpose, obviously. I just had to clean my throat and my nose. And that sounded disgusting. I'm sorry. I sneezed almost once every hour. I had to cough +/- every 10 minutes. I know that is not "cool" to be sick. I admit it wasn't hard to take medicines and to know that I'm disturbing the lessons.

I accept that I'm not liked by everyone and I totaly appreciat that. Like that they are not talking to me and I don't have to talk to them. So I was glad that they never said something. Why should they even say anything? Is it unnormal to clean the dirty nose? No, definetly not. You are sick and you have to get better again. What I want to say is, that it is not that commen to get angry or tell someone off just by that making noise. So I get angry, when someone is complaining when you can't do something else then just releasing the pressure in your throat or nose. DEAL WITH IT.

On Tuesday the girl D. complained. And no I did not accept her opinion because she was wrong.

D. is that kind of girl who is telling her opinion and everything has to be how she says it has to be. She is arrogant and sometimes impolite. I can't stand her most of the time, but sometimes she is ok. She is someone who talks behind someones back. For exemple she was gossiping about her friend who is helping her almost every time in math etc.. Such a bitch. Not many are linking her.

One week earlier our english teacher had given us homework. I did them. DO YOUR HOMEWORK! And then as we were seated infront of computers we opened our books and said the solutions. D. started. Correct. Next person was in the row. then someone else. Me. Next. And then I had to clean my nose. I clean my nose loudly. That how I do it. She was annoyed that she couldn't hear the solution. I was cleaning my nose while the girl said the solution. Tragic, isn't it? Then it happened. D. complained. Me, I'm really someone who doesn't say something back to people who are trying to roast me. I see that as a roast. But then I just turned around, I was one desk infront of her, and said: "I'm sorry that I can't help it. Should I go outside if you wish princess?"

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The class laughed. I didn't feel sorry at all. She deserved it. I felt so good.

My best friend was sitting next to me and I was glad that he was there. I was also glad that he comented on my clashback. He said: "shots fired." And damn the shots are fired.

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