Why I want to be better then others - and why you should too

There was a time. No, not ten years ago. More like five years. Then, I often compared  myself to another boy. Not the looking. No, neither the behaviour. I was more interested in his marks. Yes. I always, till today, want to be better then him. In any point. Well, not in every. For excemple I don't care if he is doing better in sport then me or wether he is able to drink more alcohol then me. I just cared in the important subjects.

I'm very ambitious and I weirdly don't feel like it. For excemple I often think that I wasn't very prdouctif, but in reality I did so much. I'm not used to do one thing in particular and then go to the other task (just if it isn't a big work). I do everything in small bits.

Here are five statements:

  • You are spurred to learn and to get a better mark then your rival

I don't know how you are as a person, but if you are willing to be better then someone else, you are going to get better marks. Better is relative. I don't know what you think and undertstand under "better".

It is quiet easy to chose the stupid classclown of your class and "try", you don't have to try, to be as good as him or her. See what I mean? Chose someone who is going to help you raise. You have to see this as a chance to get better and to exercise on how to work yourself the ladder. Do it, because you are going to profit later in life!

  • Motivation

This action surly is going to motivate, if you try and do it effectively. It does not mean that you don't have any free time. It means you have to organize your stuff and to learn right.

By doing "being better then others" you are going to learn so many things about you: how do I learn fast and good, where are my strength, where are my weaknesses, am I able to get what I want. Self awareness. 

You learn skills, that you are going to need when you are old. For excemple to deal with failure (trust me, you are not always going to be better then the other person, but it is important to make the best out of it, you know what I mean...) or how to manage time.

Here is an article about skills the author wished he had learned in school.

  • You learn to compete
Not everyone likes to compete, neither do I. But still it is very important. You are not the only one on this planet. Sadly.

Imagine what you could if you were the only person here. Walk naked. Go eat whatever you want. Do so much stuff...

Nop forget that. You often are going to compete for something you find imprtant and then there is going to be one winner. And the winner will be the better (the most clever of you). Learn it know and you are going to win later.

We have to enjoy the privilege to be young and with that to get the chance to make as many mistakes as possible.
  • You are becoming clever
And thats because you learn and read. Yep. That happens because we read and learn correctly.

Just to mention. Bill Gates, Mark Zuckeberg and many other successful people are reading. They have huge compenies but still have time to read. Keep that in minde.

This side effect is positiv and useful. A high IQ is sexy, isn't it?
  • You will get opportunities
Not instantly but after. The aftermath will probably going to be insane. Just think of the good marks and the chances to get a better chance of being picked for a job or the chance to go to a higher school and to have a slightly better life. Just imagine

About the Author:

Bineaz is not my real name. And yes, there are some pics out there with my face on it, but still I don't like to be so public with my life. I'm almost 18 years old and I do enjoy writing and telling other people about my storys every Saturday (see shedule). My english isn't that good, thats why I'm writing. (I'm working on it). I love talking about mode, technology, marketing or just about something that happened to me. If you like my post and my Blog, a comment would be appreciated or just a follow on my social media sites. Twitter and Tumblr