Why I want to have children

Want to be a husband, father, best friend, ...

I have a big family. Like a lot of cousins and aunts and oncles. That means we are many children and we are from little used to stay together as a family. Family is the right thing and if you have one (wife/husband and children) you will be happy. I don't think about that in that way. You have to know that I'm the older brother. So I'm used to be in charge of the small boys and girls of my family. Trust me there are so many children. So if they went somewhere, where they couldn't take their children with them, they usually brought them to me and I was a babysitter for a day. A male babysitter. Sadly not that common, because they think we are bad with kids, It could not get wors then just a death. SO chill. But I thinkt, that we are often very responsible and good to kids. Really, I mean that.

I agree that you are going to be happy when you have kids, You have your son or daughter who you love and teach and see growing. You have a wife/husband who you love. You have your own life and you live every second of that life.

If you don't want to have your own kids or none kids. I'll understand. I do not judge and to be honest that is very common these days. You don't want to have kids or you get them late. For us men it isn't a problem to become a father with 40 but for a women it gets very hard and dangerous. We should keep that in mind. What I think, everyone has his own opinion whether he or she wants a partner or kids or a family.

Some men and women can't even have kids. They want them so badly but they just can't. They are infertile. I often read or hear them saying that these people who want to have their progeny don't get a chance to be able to make them and these who don't want children are often becoming a mother or father inadvertent. They then deal with the child and realize that it is awesome to be a mom or a dad or they just adopt it.

Impotence isn't that much talked about. Is that an issue? If you are impotent you can't do much. Adopt, take medicine or take semen from another men. I'm afraid. I just don't know whether I should be afraid that I can't be able to make children or just hoping for the best. How big is the possibility that I'm impotant? It is very small (I haven't checked any statistics and I don't want to search for a statistic).

Are you against science? Are you against the option to make a child in a test tube? Do you want your wife to be pregnant 9 months and give painfully birth or do you want a surrogate Mother to make the job? Do you want to know the sex and the look of your child beforehead? We have so many options and I'm so glad that we have them. With that in mind nearly everyone could become a beloved father or mother.

I would really like to hear your opinion on this topic. So write a comment or a mail and let me know.

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