Don't lump the Trump

Donald Trump, Politiker, Amerika, Donald Nevermind - for real

The White poor signature have decided. Sadly just "with the heart not with the brain"*.

My Imprassion

I was shocked. Depressed. Sad. Lost. I thought it wouldn't happen, He had achieved enough and couldn't get forther. I was wrong. So so wrong. An anger for the supporters who blame and boo's everyone. They arent real humans. They just aren't. They have the corps and the gift to think and to work to do all this great stuff, but can't use it, they are dumb. Are so naiv, that someone who insults, assaults, who is a racist, who gets out of controle to fast, who is aswell a deceiver, is right to be the most powerful man? No, he is so wrong. Didn't deserve this all. The fight has ended and now we all have to deal with it. Some might cry. Some might be happy. And others will deal with it in the best way they can. He has won just because they are angry of the Establishment. So many stars helped Hillary, they were for Hillary. For the right person. Sadly Hillary lost, but accepted it and she will try for the good of America. We can not win all the time. We have to deal with losts. She said that she is ready to help Trump that he wont do any stupid things. Good luck.

The next 4 years - an eternity 

Many will go to Canada, Australia or New Zealand and will like it there. These states are going to profit. A lot. The knowledge, money, people, ideas, force... . USA will be called as an idiot. They are pretty much dumb - for real. 


I think it isn't decided, that Trump has won. It just says, that he has reached the 270 Electors but that doesn't mean he had won. It could be that these election colleg electors want to have Hillary Clinton as the new President and so they will chose her and not him. They will have to pay a fine. An election of another President has never happened befor, but I think/hope it could happen this time. So fingers cross. And I get so much hope, that a lot of people are protesting right now and an petition with almost 4 Mil..

*said/written by Hannah Hart

Just that it's clear. I have not much idea how it works. SO don't take it serious and don't feel insulted. In this Blog I really don't alk that often about politiks because I just can't. It is more like an storytelling here and an opinion giving. Aswell a booklet where I can write and learn english.