Is it right to say a men is better then a women?

Fe / Male - The art to a better future

Damn I have read so many quotes of male celebreties saying that they are feminist. I'm a feminist and I think that this charisma will help me be better then others. I can understand and can hadle better.


My oncle which I really don't like and know is like this trytobecoolguy*. He lives as, I see it, in an other world. I only understand him sometimes. He is this kind of man, who talks about uninteresting thins to much and to loudly. He wants to be cool and he behaves like it. Sadly, I have to deal with it, when he is close by. Once He, my brother and me were sitting in the same car and then he started making a lot of jokes about me and my behavior. I don't know if you've realized, I'm not a normal guy (I don't see myself as normal (to be Normal sucks)). I don't like football, to talk in a group of "real men" or to go work in hard jobs (like this muscel-training stuff). I think that my oncle sees me as a girl. I really don't care what he said about me in this very long drive, because it is my problem what I do and what I find right or wrong. But I was just very upset later that day, that he sees males more valuable. That isn't true. I'm a male, I should feel, that we are better, but something down in me is just saying we are all equale. Thats what we all are. Of course we have differences but in the end we are all the same.                                                                             (This happened like 1 and a half years ago)


What is the difference between a women and a men. Quiet easy to say? Is it really that easy to say, because we are living in the 20 centurie. I'm male and I really like to do cooking stuff, to clean or to wash. As long as I can help out someone else, I do every work. For me there is no difference between work for women or work for men. What lately am thinking about, is how I'm going to live with my wife and hopefully with our kids. I'll respect her and I hope she will respect me too.
Our bodys are different. The one has a Penis the other a Vagina. We both have Nippels. We are very simmilar.  Of course there is an other mantality. Girls like to gossip, sometimes to be mean. Men is the same. I don't know. It is very hard to say.

Don't take my word for what is all said here. Make your own opinion.

*I've invented this word, sorry about that