Tomorrow is the day

I'm with her 

Yeah you right, I could have written earlier about this, but I want to do it now. The 08.11.2016 is the election day and it's quiet important for the USA. Not jst for the USA, for the whole world.

What do I like about Hillary

She is the one who learns for the small test. She is prepared. She wants to be perfect I guess. She wants to solve problems and not just talk. She has experience. A lote of experience. Where you could see, that she was prepared was:

Vox video: 

I'm of the opinion, tha she deserves it. She did so much and has so much knowledge. Yea she probably isn't perfect, but who is perfect? She didn't do anything wrong and is hated for nothing. The problem is, that Hillary is working so long for the USA and now the people have problems with the state. And now Hillary Clinton is the scapegoat.

Somthing else whats good about Hillary, is that she is more likeable. I know that she gets hated by so so many people, but she has done so many things for the USA, that those important people trust in Hillary and her decision. Donald is the arrogant one. I think that he is the one who makes promisses and who wont even try to follow them. He didn't deserve it at all. Hillary will have everything under control.

Hillary Clinton for president

and Bill for the First ??Men??

Some final words

I'm not from America, but America is everywhere. It is that big and so important for the whole world, that I had to tell you my point of view. I know many others have other opinions, but deal with it.