What will you do next year?

Goals, read, write, learn?

To sit down and write thinks down, which you want to achieve next year is helping a lot of people (me aswell) to coordinate there year/life. I will tell you about my perspektive. There are also many things that are in my mind and which I recently do much often. I'm already sorry but I'll talk about that

To know what you want

You have to decide what you really want to do. What is important for you? What is the biggest thing for you to achieve? Give yourself some time and think about this. To make a goal list it is important to write a proper list. Don't write to much, don't write to less. I saw a Video of TheGabbieShow which inspired me almoste a year ago to set a goallist

here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGXsmQfaof8

You can buy your own little booklet where you write your goal list. For Excemple 1-10. Then you go and start working on them. One thing after the other you propably have mor then 1 year time to do it. This helped me a lot to see where I want to stand in the futur. Of course there are some people who say that they like to let there life just happen, but I think it is quiet important to know what you want to be like in 20 or more years. DO I want children, do I need much money, what kind of job do I want to do?

Recently I'm reading much often 

I have this App called "Pocket" and I really like it, because I read a lot and learn a lot. The more you read, the more you know and the less mistakes you make. You don't waste so much time on your phone. If you want to study something, you probably will have to read many books and if you learn to read books quick, you have an advantage. Bill Gates is reading 50 books per year. That means about 4 books per month. 1 book per week. Mark Zuckerberg and much more a reading lots of books. We should too.

My schoollife- can I say this?

I'm going to colleg now, and a boy who was in the same class as me went one year earlier. I was quiet glad, because I don't like him that much. And then I went to colleg. Two years later this fcking isot was to dumb to learn and cam to my class becaus he had to repeat a year. I just want to say that he is very arrogant. He talks to much and interfere me so often. I'm just pissed by his presence. I'll talk about this in the next post.