The person who you don't like and who might help you

Solve a problem and prepare for the life

I read through some sites so that I can find a solution on how to deal with a boy in my class. It is happening for other people too I think and we all have to deal with that and even benefit from it.

How to get alonge with them/him/her

You have to accept that they exist. They are humans like you. But probably not that good or not the same kind as you (that would be weird). You have different kind of values so yo don't like the same think and you don't often don't have the same opinion. Next is, that you shouldn't never ever ignore them, bear with them, because they have different points of view or they are the kind who bring you to the real life or give you something to think about and to do better. It gives you chance to get better and to find solutions in. Use them.
At this point you have to accept that you/we all aren't perfect. We have corners and edges. . But yet there are still some people who tolerate you. Try the same thing too. Would you like that someone who doesn't like, starts insulting/ignoring you? If yes, do it to the person who you don't like, if not don't insult/ignore the others. It can reflect back and it will come back way worse. Karma is a bitchWhat I've leared is that the opinion of smeone else about you and your behaviour isn't necessary that often of course there are some exceptions. If the other said something that you don't like or that you don't find correct, just chill. Stress and anger ruins so many lifes. Take a deep breath and let it out. A fight isn't often the right think what you can need. 
Ther exist a cool sentence. "When you ... I feel...". Wait for his/her response.

  • you have different values
  • bear with them, no ignoration
  • they give you somthing to think of / a different way
  • No insult / Karma is a bitch 
  • take a deep breath / fight isn't necessary
  • "When you ... I feel ...."

What I take with me is that this all. It often helps someone to solve a problem because you can't live with something you don't like. You have to find solutons. The care for myself is much more important that an argument with an other.